Thursday, 10 April 2014

Product Review

Today I decided to review some concealers that I have recently purchased. I know they have a lot of hype around them on Instagram but incase you haven't heard of them then they are the L.A. Girl Pro conceal HD concealer. And this is what these guys look like. 

The five shades that I picked up, as you can see above are classic ivory, warm sand, medium beige, toffee an dark coca. 

So first ill just take about the shades. Classic ivory is very pink toned so it would be perfect for those with a very pink undertone but for everybody else you can certainly use it as an undereye corrector. That's the way I use it and it covers very well. (Maybe not as well as erase paste or Bobbie brown corrector, but for only $1.99 a piece you can't really go wrong!) The shade warm sand I find to pink and to dark for me to use but person of darker skin time can use this the way I use classic ivory. Medium beige and toffe look different in the tube but when swatched (photo below) they look very similar. I use these for cream contouring but people of a darker skin tone can use this as a concealer for blemishes because these do have a decent amount of coverage. And lastly is dark cocoa. This is way to dark for me to use, even to contour but again people of a darker skin tone them me can use this as a cream contour. 

As for the shade range they do have a fairly good selection for a drugstore brand however I couldn't find a shade that I could use for concealing blemishes. The lightest shades were too pink. 

The texture of these are very nice and creamy and pigmentated and they will last all day! Can't stress how long they last! You can somewhat tell from the picture below that these do not come off easy! After about 3 minutes I tried to wash these off with soap and water and this was the result!

The one bad thing I have to say about these and really it's only one shade I'm referring to (I don't know if I have a faulty one or not) it leaks a lot of clear fluid and sometimes it sprays out while I'm trying to squeeze the product out. Which make a complete mess. 

As you can clearly see in the photo above that there is clearly some clear fluid leaking and that the product sprayed  onto the surrounding area. What you can't see is the amount of liquid that came out it shocked me. This seams to happen whenever I go to open this one. I shake before use but same result. 

Other then the leakage these products seem well worth their small price tag. How can you pass up $1.99 products that are actually good?!

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