Thursday, 10 April 2014

Products I Regret Buying!

These are my top 10 products that I regret buying! In no perticular order. 

Wet n wild color icon in reserve your cabana. This is suppose to be a bronzer but even on me this looks more like a highlighter. I'm not complaining about that because I love me some highlighters! But the pigmentation is horrible. Hardly any color payoff and I need to use so much to get even a glow then I look like a cake face. Sorry wet n wild I love your lipsticks and blushes but this just did not do it for me. 

I know everyone loves this and I did try it and loved it BUT it's soo dark! Why is there's only a limited shade range (I think only one or two shades!) 

Sorry garnier this also didn't do it for me. The color selection isn't good. This is to dark but is workable because of its sheerness but this is the only product I have ever tried that has broke me out. And not just once I have tried this multiple times hoping it was something else but nope every time I wear it I get the worst breakouts :(

The only reason this made the list is because of its crazy high price along with the fact that I simply don't use it enough to justify the price. Yes it's good but would I rater have my $80 back instead of this? Yes!

Again with the crappy color range. I truly think this foundation would be lovely if it had a color that suited me. The only reason I haven't thrown this out is because I'm hoping I get extra tan this summer so then I can make use of this. This also has shimmer in it so if you don't like visible shimmer this ones not for you. 

My first and last covergirl lipstick. Not thinking about the aweful color right now but the lipstick Itself smudged so easy and faded in no time! Now the color on the other hand is horrible! It's soo metallic it accents every line just don't do it!

 The maybelline master due eye studio liquid liner. I was so excited to get this I thought the color would be vibrant and perfect for that pop of color liner but it was so disapointing it was watery streaky  and the color was nothing like the sticker, it certainly wasn't glossy and deffinatly was not a glossy teal!

I was really thinking I was going to love this because their other products I've tried are very lovely, however this just didn't do it for me. The coverage wasn't there and it felt kind of slippery on my skin. It creased almost immediately after application. 

I bought this because it looked similar to my beloved Bobbie brown shimmer bricks so I decided to give it a go. It is nothing like the shimmer bricks it's chalky and has chunky glitter particles not finely milled shimmer. It doesn't give a nice glow to your skin, it just looks very cheap. Not worth even worth $1 and I paid almost $12!

This may come as a shock to some people because I know a lot of people who love this. It's not a bad palette it's just that I never reach for it. It's one of those palettes that just doesn't have that wow factor to it that would make me reach for it often. I do use it and I do like the looks but I also think the more colorful shades all look the same on the eye when blended. They kind of all blend into a darken blackish shade unless it's put over a base of that color. 

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  1. I HATED that glossy eyeliner too. I also got it in teal. Stuck to my upper lids and drove me crazy!