Saturday, 29 March 2014

Fx makeup

I just finished up some fx makeup so I figured why not do a post on it and telling how I done it and what products I used. 

So this is that I done. I used make up forever flash palette along with Ben nye bruise wheel to stipple on the bruiseing and redness then went in with 3rd degree, which is a silicone modeling compound to sculpt out the cut on the the nose and check then when it set up I filled in the cuts with colors from the previously mentioned products. For the mouth and nose bleed I only used ben nye thick blood and a bit of red greese paint. Back to the cuts lastly I used thick blood along with some more liquid blood to put inside and let it drop down. To finish off the fight makeup I used water to mess up my eye makeup because of course if you get into a fight your makeup is not going to look good! 

Here are photos of the products used. 

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