Friday, 18 April 2014

How I Fill In My Brows

If there's only one thing I can do before I leave my house it has to be my brows! I have very sparse brows so filling them in is a must! So if you would like to know how to fill in your brows if you also have sparse brows keep on reading!

So these are my brows before, as you can see I'm lacking in the brow department. 

So what you'll need is an eyebrow powder. I actually use an eyeshadow I use macs mystery it the perfect color for me and it's not to warm! I hate brow powder that make your brows look reddish! Second you'll need an eyebrow pen I love stilas stay all day waterproof eyebrow pen and lastly you'll need an eyebrow gel to lock everything in lately I've been loving benefits gimme brow in medium dark. 

What I do to start filling in my brows is outline the brow shape I want. This can be tricky. Just take your time to get it right. 

After that is done I finish filling in the center. Now you can stop here if you like. I normally only use the powder if I'm rushed for time. But if you want your brows to stay all day and look as natural as possible them continue reading. 

After filling in your brows with the powder use your pen to create hair like strokes. Have a light hand for this you don't want to press to hard and have the liquid run everywhere! And do over do this part just use it in places where you don't have many hairs and where you need to break up the one color of the powder. 

Last step! Take your brow gel and run it through your brows to set everything!

Optional step! You can take a concealer and draw around your brows to make them look crisp and clean if you want. I personally don't like doing this. I rather a more natural look to my brows!

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