Friday, 7 March 2014

Fx Makeup

These are photos of some special effects makeup that I have done in the past. Any future makeup I do I will do blog posts on! Hope you enjoy. 

Beat up had with cut and bruises. First try at special effects. Only used mufe greese paints for this. 

First try at a liquid latex cut along with fake blood. 

Again only liquid latex, greese paints and fake blood. 

Flesh eating bacteria. Done with liquid latex. 

Practicing some zombie makeup on Greg. Tried veins for the first time. 

First time using Ben Nyes nose and scar wax and some fake blood. 

First time using 3rd degree silicone molding compound. In love with this. So easy to use. 

Inspired by a photo I saw on ig. Just used nose an scar wax here. 

Zombie bite done with 3rd degree. 

Somebody stole my heart! Done with nose and scar wax. Bruises are mufe greese paints. 

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